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Austrian Language Diploma

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Go and Get the Austrian German Language Diploma

IKI is an accredited and certified examination centre for the Austrian German Language Diploma. Your ÖSD certificate is accepted by Austrian universities and authorities, as well as by many employers who request qualified proof of your German language schools.

In our courses, you can prepare for the ÖSD exams. In that process, you will become familiar with all the tasks in a similar format as they appear in the actual exams. For intensive preparation, we recommend:

  • ÖSD-Preparation courses (see below)
  • Grammar perfection course
  • Writing training perfection course
  • Conversation perfection course

Prices for exams 2018/2019

ÖSD examsIKI levelwith/without German course
Certificate A1A1€ 140.00/€ 160.00
Certificate A2A2€ 150.00/€ 170.00
Certificate B1B1€ 170.00/€ 195.00
Certificate B1 - einzelnes ModulB1€ 75.00/€ 85.00
Certificate B2B1€ 180.00/€ 230.00
Certificate C1C1€ 195.00/€ 250.00
Certificate C2C2€ 220.00/€ 290.00

Exam dates for the written ÖSD exams:

  • 2 February 2019
  • 30 March 2019
  • 1 June 2019
  • 20 July 2019
  • 24 August 2019
  • 21 September 2019
  • 23 November 2019

Date and times of the oral exams are arranged at the time of registration.

You can take the level placement test and complete registration in our office from Monday to Thursday between 9:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. and on Friday until 4:00p.m.

You will receive the results in 2 weeks and the certificate itself about 4 weeks after the exam. You can pick up your certificate at our office within 2 months.

Deregistering from or cancelling the examination is only possible up to 1 week before the exam date.

Are you fit for the ÖSD?

Test yourself. Try this practice exam at

Can you handle B1, B2 or C1? If you have sufficient German skills for the exam, ÖSD practice materials are available.
Or you can attend our ÖSD preparation courses with exam simulation and tips:

21 Jan. – 30 Jan. 2019

18 Mar. – 27 Mar. 2019

13 May – 22 May 2019

8 Jul. – 17 Jul. 2019

12 Aug. – 21 Aug. 2019

9 Sep. – 18 Sep. 2019

11 Nov. – 20 Nov. 2019

The 4 ÖSD preparation course modules (see the 4 boxes below) familiarise you with the targeted exam situations. We give you tips on how you can successfully pass the exam. We will correct the individual parts of the practice exam together with you and show you how many points you would receive.

Course price: 4 modules € 120.00 (for IKI-Students € 85.00) / 1 module € 35.00

Basis module "Exam"

Course times: 12.20pm - 1.50pm

We explain to you the 4 parts of the ÖSD exam: reading, listening, writing, speaking. Here you will receive important handouts about the different parts of the exam.

Module "Writing" – Exam simulation

Course times: 12.20pm - 1.50pm

You take a practice exam and we correct the text according to the ÖSD criteria and show you what improvements you could make.

Module "Reading / listening"

Course times: 12.20pm - 1.50pm

We work out a common strategy with you for the exam parts of reading and listening. This can help you to solve these tasks.

Module "Speaking" – Exam simulation

Course times: individual appointment

We run through an oral exam and show you what you have to watch out for. At the end, personal feedback is given.

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